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open heart, pour contents. just another one of those layouts-4-u communities. instantlover is maintained by the marvelous luella (luella) and ohsowonderful nancy (hillsides). this is a closed community, so please join to see all the goodies. we are all about: copy & paste, livejournal layouts, myspace layouts (ohyes), icons, banners, backgrounds, s1, free accounts, aesthetically pleasing, cute things, coordinating colors, satisfaction, simplicity, ideas, and requests. and all we need in return is a link back to us & a smile :]

add hot water. rules:
♥ please credit us. it could be in your userinfo or you can simply keep the link in the actual layout. don't credit us in an entry.
♥ leave us a comment and tell us what you're taking.
♥ yes to editing our layouts (unless otherwise stated) as long as you keep us linked back.
♥ upload the images into your own server, please! (photobucket)
♥ please do not save our graphics and/or codes for the purpose of claiming them as your own and/or redistributing them.

stir, then, enjoy. other things:
♥ resources & credits: here.
♥ community name inspired by lovely lady pergylene
♥ if you would like to be an affiliate leave us a comment here, please.

loverloverlovers. affiliates :
♥ all affiliates have moved to this entry: ♥♥♥

heartbreakers <\3. please credit us!:
none :)